Tecplot, Inc. – A Tight Cooperation Towards Ocean Sustainability

blueOASIS is now partner of Tecplot, Inc. and will be using Tecplot 360 software for all our Ocean Sustainability cool visualisations.

At blueOASIS, Tecplot 360 is an essential tool for Making the World Green and the Oceans Blue. Either in the CFD simulation of offshore energy harvesting devices (wind, wave and current) and their impact on the maritime life; or other projects such as:

  • Analyzing naval vessels and alternative ship propulsion systems
  • Investigating ocean cleaning devices
  • Studying and optimizing offshore floating platforms for multiple purposes

All our Renewables and Ocean Sustainability projects generate large amounts of raw data which require an efficient, yet powerful tool to generate comprehensive, easy interpretable and fine-looking results. Our tool of choice is Tecplot 360.

More info: Tecplot, Inc.