An Urban Energy Digital Twin

Easy to use, customizable to your needs and scalable to large areas of monitoring, blueENERGY is your companion towards energy transition and simpler asset management. Specially designed for the urban environment and for micro hybrid energy farms, it gives you priceless insight into your solar and wind resources: instead of going through historical data or complex large-scale models, simply visualize online your energy maps presenting not only weather data but also your energy production potential based on precise local measurements and true power curves of commercial devices. 

Our Work Process

  • We analyze with you the area that you want to monitor.
  • We install sensors to cover with accuracy your area. Our sensors measure wind speed, wind direction, irradiance, temperature, and many other variables. Coupling with your own sensors is also possible.
  • The data is sent to our server where it is processed and backed-up. Our IoT structure and AI capabilities ensure that your data is safe, accurate and processed in record time.
  • You can go online and access your personal dashboard to visualize in real time your data. All you need is an internet connection and your credentials!

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

BlueENERGY is already up and running on the roof of our office. The objective of our MVP was to test the sensor, data flow and software architecture while analysing how renewable energy could sustain our daily needs. A preview is available here, but you can also access the dashboard directly using the link below.

For more information, contact our development team: