Spotter Platform

blueOASIS now resells and actively develops the unique smart-sensored Sofar Spotter

Key Features

Flexible Platform, Real-Time Data

Build multimodal sensing networks that collect and transmit highly accurate
and peer-reviewed data from peer-reviewed systems/sensors.


Spotter with Smart Mooring

Spotter with Smart Mooring and Bristlemouth DevKit

Small Size, Big Value

Configuration Options



In an Array

Deploy multiple Spotters in an array to increase the spatial density of observations and enable more dynamic modeling.


Use the Spotter Dashboard and API to access real-time data sent via satellite/cellular and stored in the cloud. Two-way communication reduces downtime and enables over-the-air firmware updates.


Significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional platforms. Deploy Spotters at scale to maximize the spatial density of observational networks.

Rapidly Deployable

Easy to deploy by hand without prior experience. Rugged design has enabled thousands of successful deployments from all vessel types.

Extremely Durable

Designed by ocean engineers and scientists and proven to withstand any marine environment, from ice to high latitudes to extreme heat. Operates continuously using a solar rechargeable battery.


Use Spotter buoys to make direct observations of wave spectra, wind, sea surface temperature, and atmospheric pressure. Deploy a free-drifting buoy or anchor it with conventional mooring.

  • Wave & Wave Spectra
  • Wind
  • Surface Temperature
  • Atmospheric Pressure


Deploy the Spotter with the Smart Mooring to make observations above and below the surface. Measure subsurface temperature, water level, and current out of the box. All data is sent to the Dashboard and the API in real-time via Spotter.

  • Water Level
  • Subsurface Temperature
  • Current


The HT-SCOUT combines the Spotter platform and HydroTWIN technology for real-time underwater noise monitoring.

  • Underwater noise level
  • Detection of acoustic sources
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Edge-computing capabilities
  • Cloud dashboard
  • Onshore data streaming 24/7

Extra Services

  • Mooring Design
    Mooring solutions for any type of depth, metocean conditions and soil bed properties.
  • Sound Analysis
    Noise levels, noise statistics, sound maps.
  • Maintenance
    Fouling cleaning, product support, software updates.


Equip the Spotter system with additional off-the-shelf sensors and devices using the Bristlemouth open ocean connectivity standard. Leverage the Bristlemouth Development Kit to simplify complex customizations.

  • Turbidity
  • Acidity
  • pCO2
  • CTD
  • Cameras
  • Hydrophone

User-Friendly Dashboard

The modern and easy-to-use Spotter Dashboard features two-way communication enabled by satellite and cellular connectivity.

Remotely access, view, and download surface and subsurface data.

View real-time and historical data.

Quickly access real-time Spotter and Smart Mooring observations or analyze historical time series. Easily download and export all data.

Seamlessly adjust device settings

Remotely configure Spotter platform settings using two-way communication. Set geofence, timefence, and custom sensor notifications.

Update firmware remotely

Skip the boat trip and use Spotter’s cellular connection to initiate over-the-air firmware updates.

Planetary-Scale Ocean Data

Want immediate access to our planetary-scale ocean data? Tap into the Sofar API to leverage our highly accurate marine weather forecasts and the direct observations made by our global network of Spotter platforms.

Superior forecasts, anywhere in the ocean

Access forecasts, hindcasts, and map tiles for any region. Our forecasts outperform traditional models at all lead times by assimilating the more than 1.5 million daily observations made by our global network of free-drifting Spotters.

Access in situ observations at scale

View recent and historical data collected by our global network of Spotters. Filter by geographic area and time period to increase operational awareness.

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