Naval Architecture

At blueOASIS, we specialize in the field of hydrodynamics and make use of a range of high to medium fidelity numerical tools such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Panel Methods to analyze and optimize your designs.

Whether you need to optimize your hull form, estimate your power requirements, or design a new propeller or a foil we are here to help you in that task.

Hydrodynamic Analysis:

  • Calm water resistance.
  • Wave resistance.
  • Trim & Sinkage.
  • Propeller analysis.
  • Full ship propulsion.
  • Dynamic equilibrium.
  • Response Amplitude Operators (RAO).
  • Sloshing analysis.


  • Hull form optimization.
  • Foil shape optimization (keel, rudder, daggerboard, hydrofoil).
  • Propeller optimization.
  • Model parametrization for efficient design exploration.

New design:

  • Basic hull design.
  • Propeller design.
  • Foil/Appendages design.
  • Together with our partners we are able to create new vessel designs from concept to manufacturing plans.


  • Realistic CFD renderings for marketing.

Using our programming skills, including Python, Fortran, and C++ we are able to automate and create customized solutions for our clients which, together with our CAD proficiency, using Rhino3D and Grasshopper3D, allows us to develop accurate 3D models and parametric designs.

Our commitment to provide high-quality services and tailored solutions earned us a reputation of a reliable partner in the maritime industry. Whether you are a shipyard, vessel owner, a naval architecture firm or an enthusiast, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.