Our mission is to support the progress of our Ocean’s sustainability, by fostering the development of ground-breaking Offshore Renewable Energy, Ocean Cleaning and Sustainable Maritime solutions using modern Industry 4.0 approaches in an open and collaborative manner.

We seek to catalyze transformative technologies to counteract marine pollution and climate change, by encouraging innovative scientific research and industrial applications.

Emphasizing education and advocacy, we strive to raise global awareness about the urgent need for sustainable oceanic practices. Furthermore, we are committed to building strong partnerships that foster information exchange, leveraging data-driven strategies to accelerate the transition towards a blue economy.

Through these initiatives, we aim to safeguard our oceans for future generations, recognizing their pivotal role in maintaining planetary health and well-being.

Who are we?

blueOASIS is a vibrant collective with an aggregate of over six decades of expertise spanning Aerospace, Mechanical, Naval, and Maritime Engineering.

Our diverse team celebrates a range of cultural backgrounds and disciplinary perspectives, placing paramount importance on efficiency and scientific rigor.

We have established a robust network of collaboration with major universities and research institutions across Europe, and our reach extends globally through our skillful external collaborators and partners.

Despite our youth, we harness our extensive knowledge and experience to drive forward-thinking solutions in our field.


Making the World Green and the Oceans Blue.


  • Open-minded
  • Collaboration
  • Accuracy
  • Transparency

Industry 4.0 tools:

  • Data Science
  • Numerical Modelling
  • Potential and Viscous-flow (CFD)
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence