We develop, maintain, buy and use all sorts of engineering tools verified, validated and tailored for any Maritime-related problems. Also, we are very keen on open-source developments, which we share via modern platforms such a Github. But specially high-resolution and holistic approaches, such as we envisage at blueOASIS® requires heavy HPC resources. We have a series of available HPC clusters which we can use for specific category of projects (total of more than 40000cores!). See all this here below.



Open Source


Scientific Programming


HPC Facilities

  • HPC experts:

    Using HPC Tier-x machines since 2004.

    System admin level.

  • Own resources:

    Supermicro-AMD in-house machine.

    Cluster@atNorth xxx cores machine.

  • Research resources:

    MagnitUDE (DE), 15000cores (research purposes).

    Iridis5 (UK), 18650 cores (research purposes).

    Marclus4 (NL), 4000 cores (blueOASIS-MARIN cooperation projects).