We recognize the critical importance of sound in marine environment and its impact on marine life.

With increasing environmental concerns and emerging regulations, understanding and mitigating the effects of noise pollution is crucial.

Our expertise in underwater acoustics enables us to provide comprehensive services that assess, analyze, and simulate acoustic behavior in marine ecosystems.

Noise Source Characterization:​

  • Noise characterization using empirical models.
  • Noise characterization with Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations.
  • Noise characterization through experimental campaigns.

Noise Propagation

  • Simulation of sound propagation with numerical models.
  • Aerodynamic sound propagation assessment.
  • Underwater sound propagation assessment.

Noise source Identification:​

  • Identification and quantification of acoustic signatures of different activities with HydroTwin.
  • Accurate and automated identification of cetaceans using artificial intelligence.

Data Analysis and Reporting:​

  • Data analysis and reporting for underwater acoustics studies.

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Underwater assessment of sound sources and their impact on marine life.
  • Cost saving in environmental impact assessment using AI algorithms to characterize the underwater soundscape and detect marine life.
  • Identification of potential risks and develop mitigation strategies.
  • Evaluation of long-term effects of noise pollution on marine ecosystems.

With all our services we provide comprehensive reports, including detailed analysis, simulations, and recommendations, to support informed decision-making and regulatory compliance.

As a trusted partner in underwater acoustics, we are dedicated to addressing the challenges of noise pollution and its impact on marine life.

Our expertise, combined with advanced sound propagation simulation and noise identification using HydroTWIN, allow us to provide reliable solutions and support clients in meeting environmental regulations, fostering sustainable practices, and preserving the health of our oceans.