Offshore Engineering

At blueOASIS, we specialize in offshore engineering solutions that drive the development and optimization of floating structures.

Our expertise in offshore engineering encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including platform design (aquaculture, renewables, multipurpose, etc.) and optimization, blade analysis for wind turbines, mooring systems, and more.

We apply our knowledge and experience to various renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and wave, to ensure optimal performance and reliability in offshore environments.

By combining innovative technologies, advanced simulations, and a deep understanding of the offshore industry, we deliver comprehensive services that enhance performance, reliability, and efficiency in the offshore sector.

Coastal Modelling:

  • Wave Dynamics simulation and analysis (REEF3D, SWAN)
  • Coastal Dynamics simulation and analysis (MOHID)


  • Mooring system design for offshore installations using OrcaFlex and CFD.
  • Static and dynamic simulation analysis (OrcaFlex and CFD) to evaluate and optimise mooring systems.

Wind Energy Systems​:

  • Aerodynamic analysis to improve blade performance and efficiency.
  • Estimation of loads in the turbine blades (using high and medium fidelity simulation codes).
  • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis.
  • Wind turbine wake modelling.
  • Wind farm analysis.

Solar Energy Systems:

  • Concept design of offshore solar platforms​.
  • Optimization of system configuration​.
  • Analysis of existing offshore solar platforms​.
  • Evaluation of solar energy potential​.

Wave Energy Systems:

  • Platform design​.
  • Structural analysis and optimization​.
  • Development of new wave energy converters​.
  • Evaluation of device performance.

At blueOASIS, we combine our offshore engineering expertise with a deep understanding of renewable energy systems to provide innovative solutions that drive the growth and optimization of offshore renewable energy projects.

Whether it is platform design, blade analysis, moorings, or specialized services for solar and wave energy systems, we are committed to delivering excellence in offshore engineering for a sustainable future.