Due Diligence

Tagus River Current Measurement



Energy resource assessment – Tidal energy


February 2023


The mouth of the Tagus River narrows down around Lisbon and the acceleration of the flow makes it a potential site for tidal energy.

blueOASIS first conducted a preliminary study based on the numerical simulations using the software MOHID to assess potential energy harvest locations and their yearly yields, which highlighted three potential sites: off the coasts of Cacilhas, Belém, and Paço de Arcos.

However, due to the complexity of the phenomena driving the current speed at these locations, additional validation is necessary before committing to a specific site.

blueOASIS therefore conducted an experimental campaign to validate the numerical model at those three locations using GPS tracked drifters.


A preliminary assessment was successfully concluded, showing good agreement between simulations and field measurements. A more detailed analysis using higher order models is currently ongoing.