blueOASIS will be at preCICE workshop

The 3rd preCICE Workshop will be held virtually at the University of Stuttgart, on February 21-24, 2022. The workshop is a coming together of the preCICE community to share ideas, experiences and knowledge about using preCICE, and to learn from others in the process. More info here.

preCICE is an open-source coupling library for partitioned multi-physics simulations, including, but not restricted to fluid-structure interaction and conjugate heat transfer simulations. Partitioned means that preCICE couples existing programs/solvers capable of simulating a subpart of the complete physics involved in a simulation. This allows for the high flexibility that is needed to keep a decent time-to-solution for complex multi-physics scenarios. The software offers convenient methods for transient equation coupling, communication, and data mapping.

blueOASIS will be using preCICE to perform multi-physics simulations of renewable energy devices, both using medium and high-fidelity approaches. Keep tuned.