atNorth partners with ocean sustainability consultancy blueOASIS

blueOASIS has partnered with atNorth to establish a sustainable HPC and AI cluster in Iceland that can handle its big data needs.

The ocean sustainability consultancy services of Portuguese start-up blueOASIS are contributing to making the world’s waters a more environmentally friendly place. Its key areas of focus include, among others, decarbonization of ships and alternative fuels, underwater noise pollution that negatively impacts fauna, and maritime renewable energies.

atNorth partners with Blue Oasis to deliver HPC and IaaS.

atNorth has partnered with blueOASIS to deliver its HPC and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution, HPCFLOW. This reliable and flexible HPC resource will give blueOASIS the capacity to handle big data on a significant scale and to run the intensive calculations that form the foundation of much of its work.

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