Medium and High-fidelity Aerodynamic Models for Wind Farm Power Optimization

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Comparison of multi-fidelity CFD models for the simulation of turbine interaction.


blueOASIS was awarded 2.25M core-hour by the RNCA/FCCN in the Navigator cluster, of University of Coimbra, to investigate multi-fidelity CFD methods (Actuator Disk/body-resolved Sliding Grids; RANS/SRS) to model the aerodynamics of the rotor in turbine-turbine interactions.

The insights of this investigation are critical for wind farm optimization, where the power yield of the farm is attempted to be maximized. This requires accurate methods to capture the turbine-turbine interaction, which are at the same time computationally efficient – therefore it is important to know how the low-fidelity models compare to the higher-fidelity ones.