Research and Development (R&D)

We not only apply commercial tools but we also develop our own tools, and couple them in order to holistically approach any technical problem. This both in terms of Potential Flow, Viscous-Flow CFD, Mooring models and AI models. These developments are usually done with blueOASIS® own budgets, in public funded projects and together with other R&D-minded institutions. Because not to research, not to renew, not to be up-to-date means to die out in this fast-pacing technological world.

  • Potential-flow developments

  • CFD developments

  • AI application developments

  • Tool coupling. Holistic approaches

  • Digital Twins: HPC, CFD, Sensors, DataScience coupling

  • Close interaction with Universities

    • Msc thesis supervision
    • Phd thesis supervision
    • Lecturing@UDE, Germany
  • FCT

  • EEA-Grants

  • H2020, Horizon Europe Projects

  • EDF/EDA Naval Projects