About us

Who‘s and What’s

Young team with more than 45 years of gathered knowledge and experience on Aerospace, Mechanical, Naval, Maritime Engineering.

Tight cooperation with major universities and research institutes in Europe.

Access to a high-level external collaborator team spread around the World.

Industry 4.0 tools:

  • DataScience,
  • Numerical Modelling,
  • Potential and Viscous-flow (CFD),
  • High-Performance Computing,
  • Artificial Intelligence.

Multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural team with efficiency and quality as main drivers.

Open-source enthusiasts.

Code of Honor


To foster the development of groundbreaking Offshore Renewable Energy, Ocean Cleaning and Clean Maritime solutions. All these to support the progress of our Oceans’ sustainability, by employing modern Industry 4.0 approaches in an open and collaborative manner.


New Solutions for Old Problems.


Making the World Green and the Oceans Blue


Open-minded and collaborative.
Always on-time and accurate.
Together we do more for the world sustainability.